This site (CVN) collects personal data from users in certain situations. For example, when users register to this site, directly contact us or submit a question, we will ask you for your email address and possibly your name, address etc. The specific information will be explicitly asked during such sign up/registration process and no user is obliged to provide this information when accessing this site.

However, when a user does voluntarily provide this information, he or she automatically agrees to allow this site keep, store and use such information for our own purposes. This can include sending out our email correspondence to our database of registered users with news, promotions and updates to this site.

CVN will never share, sell or make any of its users’ data publicly available in any way, and we also take all reasonable measures to safeguard this kind of information in order to protect against IP theft.

Use of cookies

By accessing this site, you, as the user, also agree to us collecting cookies. Like most websites, we collect cookies to enhance the user experience of CVN. Cookies are automatically left behind when a user visits any website, and we may use this information to measure our website performance, location of our traffic, source of referral, average time spent on each page and other key metrics.

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