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There are many different types of casino around.  Noisy ones, with neon lights flashing out, calling you in. There are classy ones, where you have to be a member to gain entry.  There are also ones that are simply very natural in their existence.  Ones that are unassuming and rather quiet in everything that they do and in the way that they present themselves.

These casinos are the ones that we will feature on our website.  After all, not all gamblers want to head into the city to scratch their gambling itch do they?!  Some people want to be in a more natural environment, surrounded by trees and nature.  In a casino that is kind to the environment and doesn’t make too much noise.  Some gamblers like being in an unassuming casino, where they sit on wooden benches, in a spit-and-sawdust kind of environment.  Where people don’t scream and shout, maybe where there are no slot machines, or bright lights – only simple pleasures of gambling.

The gambling environment in which you play is different depending on where you play, and each environment is suited to different people.  Some people prefer noise and buzz and hubbub and some people prefer to be able to sit in a more sedate setting.  Maybe amidst the trees, or in a forest, or by a lake or in the mountains.  These are the sort of casinos that interest us.  There are casinos like this all over the world.  But they are pretty hard to come by – and that is why we set up this site.  In order that the more nature loving amongst you could find a place to gamble that is more suited to your taste and lifestyle.